PSP PS3 DS 完全活用+α【PS3】 動画再生/画像観覧/音楽視聴ができるアプリ v3.1.164



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【PS3】 動画再生/画像観覧/音楽視聴ができるアプリ v3.1.164

 Showtime PS3 Ver3.1.164

Unofficial Buildとなります。

- js: Added function createInt for settings of a plugin
- glwtheme: Fix audio in infobox
- js: Add plugin.createStore()
- Add Trad. Chinese Translation
- Add Romanian translation
- Update Italian translation
- New language string
- rtmp: Disable seeking if duration is 0 (or unknown)
- Add probe support to RTMP. Add showtime.probe() in javascript API
- js: Remove superfluous return
- js: Added function createDivider for Settings
- Fix deadlock
- ps3: Make it configurable if we should force h264 content to level 4.2
- ps3: Allocate memory for vdec directly from LV2.
- Add a global option for setting video zoom
- glw: Make it possible to abort loading of textures that no longer needs to be displayed
- Update Spanish translation
- Fix broken docs
- Change AVDISCARD_NONE to AVDISCARD_DEFAULT which is the default (really!)
- Remove pointless argument
- Add French translation
- Update Chinese translation
- Don't be so picky about missing properties when starting RTMP stream
- Remove unused page type
- Deal with "git describe" that does not support --dirty
- Update Norwegian translation
- Add Danish translation
- Remove fa_dir_sort() (again)
- i18n: Sort languages based on displayed title
- Add Turkish translation
- Add Russian translation
- Add Finnish translation
- Update Italian translation
- Add simplified Chinese translation
- Update polish translation
- Add translation to Norwegian (Bokmål)
- Update dutch translation
- Remove legacy plugin bundle setup
- URL where URL should be
- Mention that the doc is far from complete
- Try to fix the markdown
- Update de lang
- Update lang files with translations for plugin repository
- plugins: Move plugins to 'installedplugins/' to avoid clash with previous dir for plugin config/settings
- http: Don't make up a cache lifetime. It will screw up things.
- docs: Minor cleanup
- Initial stab on plugin documentation
- js: Remove 'type' from createSettings
- js: Rename some stuff for better names
- Drop 'disableAuth' from httpGet() and httpPost()
- js: Some changes on plugin object also move getAuthCredentials to from showtime. to plugin.
- plugins: Fix fallout from master rebase (NLS stuff)
- plugins: Switch to official repo
- Update UI with latest plugin changes
- Add a URI to list of installed plugins
- js: Fix min args for appendPassiveItem
- More granular Linux arch info
- Include system type in HTTP user agent
- Allow the repository to contain an error message displayed to the user when browsing the repo
- Make the plugin repository changable from command line
- js: plugin.config. was not properly reflected in C code
- js: Move createService from showtime object to plugin object
- js: Fix argument list to showtime.httpPost
- js: Add support for action buttons on page object
- glw: Drop the offset and limit in cloner()
- add showtime.durationToString helper
- glw: Modify clip-widget to allow arbitrary distance of clipping planes
- plugin repo browse: Restructure data model a bit
- js: Add page.appendPassieItem
- navigator: Error, correctly set directClose
- Don't defer scan of installed plugin to a separate thread.
- Remove plugins from Showtime
- js: Change showtime.currentVersion() a bit
- Better error reporting during load of dev plugins
- In plugin JSON files, If title-field is missing, use id-field instead
- Make it possible to reload plugin under development
- plugin: Add description for plugins
- Improve status handling of plugins
- js: Add showtime.currentVersion()
- Add some helpers for converting string version to an integer
- Add a global property tree for plugins
- Switch to plugin:repo for browsing repository
- Make it possible to also browse installed plugins.
- Add plugin.view
- Allow plugins to be installed from filesystem
- Remove stray character
- Remove settings related to plugins when uninstalling
- Remove dead code
- Make it possible to load a plugin with '-p' when starting Showtime.
- Versioned repository file
- More work on integration with external plugin repository
- Add url_resolve_relative_from_base()
- js: Keep fileaccess handle to the JS scriptfile while a plugin is loaded
- Make htsmsg_field_destroy() public
- htsmsg: Move hm_islist to field when adding msg
- Fix use of prop after destroy
- Initial stab on plugin browse
- glwtheme: Add plugin icon
- Add js_plugin_unload()
- Add Polish translation
- Just scan what we need in or we risk scanning other stuff
- Merge pull request #19 from gonzzor/webdavs
- Add webdavs support

ダウンロード・・・Showtime PS3 Ver3.1.164
ダウンロード・・・Showtime Repack PS3 Ver3.1.164

3.XMBにから、Install Package Filesを選択。を選択⇒インストール。
5.インストール後 XMBにアイコンが追加される。

[ 2011/08/14 21:20 ] PS3 | CM(0) | 編集

■ pspのバッテリー消費を抑える
-PSP Power Saver v.0.0.9
■ CFWでサインアップ
-PSNLover Beta v1.1
■ PSPボタン拡張機能
-MacroFire v3.2.4
■ XMB本体情報等
-Mac Address Spoofer v4
-DayViewerForGame v7
-BrightnessFree Ver0.3
-ChangeLog Ver2.3fix
-Time Draw Ver1.2
-GetInfo Ver1.2
■ VIDEO吸い取り
-umd_dump.prx Ver. 1.30
■ FW6.20のゲーム起動
-CFW M33 6.20 Plugin
■ PSPコントロール
-PowerLocker v1.1fix2
-PspPowerController v5.2
■ いつでもシリーズ
-AlwaysUSB Ver1.6 Beta1.2
-Satellite Game Ver6.0
-ptextviewer Ver2.00beta
-SaveDataMge beta Ver0.7fix
-CustomHOME Beta 0.8.1
■ カテゴリー分別
-Game Categories Lite v1.5 Rev3
■ すばやくXMBへ
-FastExitGame 2.4.3
■ 多機能プラグイン
-PSP Stopwatch Ver1.4fix
-XMB Control for 6.XX (FreeCore) Ver1.41
-Count Up Timer Ver1.2